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We believe that journals call to their owners. Browse the entire collection of Stori Doris here and let yourself be guided to the one that you’ll cherish forever.

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You’re almost there… Taking the time to choose a personal inscription of your Stori Dori makes it that much more special. Think of it like a calling you want to answer, lead with your heart and go for gold.

Stori Dorians

For our old skool crew who’ve been with us since the beginning – get in touch if you’re looking for a particular size of inserts for your Stori Dori.

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  1. Sinem (verified owner)

    I ABSOLUTELY love my A5 Jammy Stori Dori!

    Firstly, my Stori Dori was delivered so quickly despite Covid-19! The wrapping was gorgeous with a beautiful Stori Dori stamp.

    You know how good Stori Doris are because of their heavenly leather smell! I love the colour of my Stori Dori and have been told that it will smooth out, become shiny and deepen in tone with handling – what more can you ask for!?

    I have also purchased the A5 Caramello as a present for somebody. It’s the perfect gift for someone who is a leather journal lover for any occasion!

    Thank you so much to Nilly & team for making the ordering process so easy and for answering all of my questions prior to ordering. They are fantastic!!!

  2. Fatima Ghadde (verified owner)

    Love my plummy A5 stori dori sooo much😍😍😍.
    Such high quality product!
    The only problem is that as soon as you get one you want another…

    Au cas où vous seriez francophone, les produits de cette boutique sont de très bonne facture! Et Nilly ajoute un supplément d’âme à ses merveilleux produits.
    Vous pouvez acheter les yeux fermés, le seul risque que vous prenez c’est de ne plus pouvoir vous en passer…

  3. Liz McGuire

    This leather journal is excellent quality, will age beautifully and last a lifetime. To truly appreciate it you really need to hold it in your hand. It is truly gorgeous and I will treasure it forever.

  4. Nikita

    I absolutely adore my planner! It’s gorgeous and smells amazing! 😍
    I love the fact that I could personalise it and had one of my favourite quotes out on the front. The quality is outstanding and I can’t recommend Stori Dori enough!
    Thanks you 💕

  5. Hafsa (verified owner)

    We ordered an a5 Plummy and 2 a6 (plummy and caramello) for my two daughters and we haven’t put down our storidoris since they’ve arrived! Super amazing quality – love the colour, leather and personalised (names and quote) – brilliant service and an amazing product that’s been a beautiful Ramadan Gift for my daughters! Thank you so much!!!

  6. Komal Ali (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my beautiful A5 Plummy Stori Dori. It feels and smells and looks perfect for me. Thank you Nilly xXx

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2 reviews for Wonder Collection Launch - Journal

  1. Kerri

    This Journal is sooo much more than a journal. It feels so personal, so intimate, so special. I will cherish this as much as the words I will put inside. Thanks so much for pouring your heart into such a creation.

  2. Farrah Azam (verified owner)

    Absolutely OBSESSED with this beauty! This is my second product from you and I will be a customer forever! Such a high quality product and the extra goodies were so pretty! Customer service was 10 out of 10 too! Thank you again so much! Can’t wait to start using it! X

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A collection inspired by people

In your hands this supple and textured to the touch journal becomes silky smooth through an organic patina change.

The uniqueness of this Tuscan leather adds to the charm, elegance, and ageing beauty of a well loved personal item. With room to expand by adding inserts for different needs, it’ll become the ideal companion to document, track, and plan your life.

What a Liberty...

These iconic fabrics were all we could dream about when creating this new collection. Made from the finest Tana Lawn cotton, we sought to reimagine a versatile personal item that is a pleasure to have and hold.

Luxury in the hand as a book cover, or to bring the party with these exquisite designs to your journal as a pocket insert. You get to decide how it’ll fit in to your life.


Be proud of who you are, it took everything to get here.

A collection celebrating the accomplishments of creative minds from the past.

Inspired by art that we find around us and learning the history embedded within, Heritage pieces are truly one a kind and come with a Stori unlike any other.




“I am my own muse, the subject I know best. The subject I want to better.”

– Frida Kahlo

Personal reflection time is needed now more than ever before, without it we risk constantly hitting snooze on figuring out who we are and what we need in life in order to thrive.

Journaling is the simplest way to connect with and observe how we’re experiencing life. With room to grow and change, there really is no wrong way to go about it.

There is only you, the journey you’re on, and always becoming.

That’s why we’ve been making Stori Doris since 2015, and we are honoured to serve you. 


Leather Feature: Badalassi Carlo Pueblo

The Spanish word ‘Pueblo’ derives from Latin and means ‘people’. It refers to the indigenous peoples of the south-western America who are renowned as being proud individuals with a strong character.

The article name ‘Pueblo’ is a tribute to these people.


Produced by the world famous Badalassi Carlo tannery, Pueblo combines ruggedness with elegance.


It’s Full Grain, pure 100% vegetable tanned, dyed through with a unique rustic appearance, and polished with the roll of amber stone that gives it a luxurious textured feel in the palm of your hand.


Rubbing the skins with a dry cloth will burnish it brighter as well as moving the colour darker. The more you use your journal, the more ‘lived in’ look you’ll achieve. Pueblo can be treated with natural creams and waxes. The touch to begin feels textured, but even if untreated over the years, the surface will become silky smooth through handling.

“For us tanning means to learn and to test, never imitate…. 

In fact each skin of ours has its complicated personality with its qualities and lacks and it is exactly from their deep knowledge that comes out love and respect.

We work our skins with the hands, we carve them, we incise them, we colour them, giving them unequalled and refined features.

The true quality is given from essence of the skin, and every skin is different from the other ones. We exploit this, with all its own features.”  – Carlo Badalassi


Feel free to contact us for more enquiries

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Our Team

Team work makes the dream work. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our awesome crew.

Nilly Ilgüy

Founder & Creative Partner

Stori Dori fave: Epic+ Seeker Planner in limited edition Ocean colour.

Likes: Craft Buffet, park hopping with her Sonshines, and cinnamon flavoured everything.

Lewis Hillier

Operating Partner

Stori Dori fave: Tall Traveller in Rosewood

Likes: Origami, doodling, getting hands on and making things, fine details, Turkish börek & a nice cup of tea.

Reyhana Ismail

Designer extraordinaire, Rey has been instrumental in bringing our insert designs to life.

Rai McLaren

Our newest honorary member of the Stori Dori team, working with Rai is an honour and a privilege. His impeccable photography skills caught our eye and since then we’ve completed our first shoot for SD’s relaunch.

Sumayah G.

The youngest and brightest member of the team, Sumayah has made a massive impression on us with her enthusiasm to learn and zeal for photography. She has a keen eye for details and storytelling through her snapshots. We are proud to have her on our team and can’t wait to see what else we produce together.

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