Each one is handmade from start to finish. With only a few left in stock this is your last chance to own a beautiful ORIGINAL Stori Dori journal. Plenty of room for your passport, cards, cash, and extra bits that you may hold on to along the way. Take it with you wherever you go!

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Every 2/3 days, when I start journaling, I open the thick leather cover of my Stori Dori. I can’t help but breathe in its amazing smell. Even after a few years being in my possession, it still has that distinctive leather smell. A SD doesn’t get old or damaged, it ages with style. It already has the natural marks you would expect on leather, but now my SD has the creases I created. It is mine and it is unique that’s why I love it. Nina

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Layinka Sanni – Founder of Evolve & Emerge

I absolutely adore my deep blue, tall Stori Dori. It keeps all my journals safe and is so elegant and full of personalised charm. From my name hand stamped on the front, to Nilly’s hand written signature on the back, it’s just beautiful!

It’s such a special treat for people who love stationery as much as you do and it’s a great personalised gift for friends and family! Hajera Memon

Founder, Shade 7 Publishing

Sumayah Hassan – Founder of Recite & Reflect


When we decided to create the Traveller collection, it was a no brainer to also include a Hajj journal and a notebook signature. They both work in tandem to give you the best journaling experience, to Hajj and beyond, In Shaa Allah. You can refill your leather when you’re done making this a gift that keeps on giving.


Even if you’re not going on Hajj this year, it’s every Muslim’s dream to one day attend. Travelling near and far with important items on your person can be easily and securely tucked away in a Traveller Journal Wallet. Peace of mind and everything in one place- perfect!

Everything at Stori Dori has been designed and lovingly handmade by us, from start to finish.


We often negate the experience of journalling to an unfounded idea that somehow we’d be rubbish at it. But what if I could tell you that the adventure within awaits you, with every page you lay ink on… What then might you discover?


This inspired our very first collection and is the long standing mission of Stori Dori to bring our adventure from within. So much to explore and discover, it’s all about making that inner universe of ours a beautiful place to grow from.