Three simple words from the heart

to help you turn your days, time and self into what matters most.

Dare to imagine a life of impact. Day-to-day journaling is the key.

I think we all know that no one knows your life better than you. But how often do you actually talk about the things that matter to you? We can go years without saying what we really mean and this takes a toll on us. It keeps us trapped in ourselves, unable to overcome and move on.

Journaling is a way you can take back the power to connect with yourself in ways that are meaningful for you.

Find your voice, tell your Stori and live in harmony with who you truly are.



Why journaling is for you

There is literally no right or wrong way to do it, no one judging you, and can be done pretty much anywhere at any time. A world full of restrictions? You don’t have to worry about that when journaling!


Hi, my name is Nilly and I help women explore their inner world through journaling about their stories with curiosity and playfulness, so they may live in harmony with who they truly are.

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We made it, together

It’s an honour to serve our customers over the years in finding their way of connecting deeply with themselves. Our journals were always meant to serve this purpose. Making each and every single one by hand helped us to heal and grow in ways we never imagined.

For many people, writing down thoughts or feelings can be cathartic and healing, which is why it’s so important that these journals are made by hand. We’re honoured to provide a service for you that has been beneficial for so many people before you!

We’re a company that wouldn’t be what it is today without the love and support from our customers. We love innovating new products, creating great customer experiences, and being able to share everything we do with you.

Thank you dear Stori Dori community! 

Nilly & Lewy


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Grab your journal & a cuppa and try some of these out…

Anatomy of Journaling – Part 3

Anatomy of Journaling – Part 3

“Where did you come from and where are you going?” This question has my heart sighing in so many ways. Ah, if I could pour it all out the days wouldn’t be enough.And that’s the point: you are always becoming. This means you’re not done. Not even close. Everything...

Anatomy of Journaling – Part 2

Anatomy of Journaling – Part 2

You might think you’re not creative because you can’t draw / paint / dance to save your life. You’ve got this image in your mind that people who do it well, do it a certain way and you because you don’t match up to that your interpretation is invalid. I’m here to tell...

Anatomy of Journaling – Part 1

Anatomy of Journaling – Part 1

Ah, journaling. It’s a thing we romanticise doing but most of the time can’t quite seem to get there and use those bajilion of notebooks bought over the years. Perhaps you’ve even dabbled a little and got a few pages in before shelving it to collect coats of dust....

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