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I used to have an annual ritual that dates back to when I was 13 years old. Every year I would buy a new diary. However that pattern was beautifully interrupted when I was gifted my Stori Dori. My Stori Dori is 2 years old and it’s gracefully worn leather [cover] depicts the 2 year journey we’ve had together.

I’m a CEO of a registered charity, businesswoman and home educating mother who has to plan and stay organised. Nilly’s monthly and weekly planner inserts perfectly kept me on track. I have a plain ruled inserts that I use to brainstorm and take important notes. I use another insert to map out my children’s personal development. On the inside cover, fastened by a clip, is a photo of my children and a verse from the Qur’an. Both remind me of my mission and values.

I love the fact that Stori Dori is versatile. I can swap inserts around and decorate them to reflect my mood and personality. My children laugh and joke that I carry my Stori Dori everywhere with me.

I really can’t see myself going back to a rigid bound diary because I too am not bound. The design of the Stori Dori embraces life in its fluidity and change.

Thank you Nilly for designing an absolute keepsake.

Aliyah Umm Raiyaan

Founder, Solace - For Revert Sisters In Difficulty

Every 2/3 days, when I start journaling, I open the thick leather cover of my Stori Dori. I can’t help but breathe in its amazing smell. Even after a few years being in my possession, it still has that distinctive leather smell. A SD doesn’t get old or damaged, it ages with style. It already has the natural marks you would expect on leather, but now my SD has the creases I created. It is mine and it is unique that’s why I love it.

Nina J.

Stori Dori has such a special, unique, creative, loving warmth about it. I love the personalisation element and the different sizes available as well as the brilliant, vibrant colours. The inserts are perfect for to-do lists, doodles and brainstorms and I love decorating mine with all the goodies Nilly recommends and shares! A lifetime keepsake that brings endless joy!

Hajera Memon

Founder, Shade 7 Publishing

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