Oh my gosh. Have you even bought your 2019 planner yet? C’mon, hands up who has theirs? *raises hand* It’s totally OK if you haven’t got yours yet. I’m here to help you whittle down and pick the one that’s going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Different planner formats are for different people. It’s easy to get swept up in the hype, glitz, and shineyness of the newest thing that comes by but seriously, resist, RESIST I TELL YOU. Ok, you can put it in your shopping basket, give it at least 24hrs before you buy, and do at least 3 laps around YouTube watching ‘Plan With Me’ vids for your choice of planner. This is my go to method to learn more about the product I’m interested in.

Before we get started, let me share some thoughts about certain aspects to take into consideration before making your purchase.  Best you know what you really want so when it comes with parting with you hard earned cash you’ll be satisfied you got the best thing.

Planners are ultimately a personal tool to help organise your ideas, track the present, and plan for the future. If you can wrap your head around that then we’re golden!

Let’s begin…

photo source: rey of light design


All of Rey’s 2019 planners start with a full-year calendar and an overview of the year, month-by-month, in list form – ideal for noting down personal appointments. Each month begins with a monthly overview on two pages – a simple grid that can be used for quick planning or even plotting out social media posts. The monthly overview pages also include miniature calendars for the next two months, and some relevant hashtags that can be used on social media, such as #WorldMentalHeathDay, #WorldChocolateDay or #EarthDay.


photo courtesy of Rey of Light Design


The planners come in two formats – a week per spread, or the more spacious two pages per day (week on four pages). They all include extra space for notes and horizontal miniature calendars which can be used for various purposes, such as highlighting school holidays or menstruation days. There are additional boxes each week that can work as meal planners or habit trackers.

photo source: rey of light design

Islamic versions of all planners are also available. These include Hijri dates, an integrated Ramadan planner, and essential du’as – all at no extra cost.

photo source: rey of light design

All planners are available through Reyhana’s website and in paperback form only on Amazon.


Rey will take on board any suggestions for planners and notebooks, and also offers a customisation service, where you can use your own images for the cover, or specific ideas for the interiors.


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photo source: passion planner

One of my planners for 2018 has been a Passion Planner, and while I found it superfluous for my needs I absolutely love the thought and design that has gone into it. For those just starting out in using a planner you can’t go wrong with nabbing one of these.

photo source: passion planner

This planner is full of guidance about how to make and break down your goals, with monthly check-ins for you to assess how the month went, and really connect with your progress in a mindful way.

photo source: passion planner

120gsm smooth paper is pretty good and better than your average paper found in cheaper planners. It also lays completely flat. The dated planners may have you balking at the thought of forking out $35 dollars but I reckon its worth it.

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photo source: Kikki-K

When it comes to ringbound planners Kikki-K is the bees knees. Spacious rings that are larger than the norm, I believe even bigger than Filofax, so you can really pack a lot of pages in.

photo source: Kikki-K

The sheer variety of planner accessories and refills that are on offer make for a brilliant selection to change up your planner content throughout the year.

photo source: kikki-k

Kikki-K’s videos on planner decorating were the first I came across that really inspired me to give it a go and have more fun with my older planners.

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photo source: Me & My Big Ideas

Makers ‘Me & my BIG ideas’ really nailed it with this awesome packed planner. The ingenious disc binding and huge range of planner accessories such as dividers, stickers, and more really is a treat for anyone who loves to plan and decorate their spreads.

They come in a couple of different sizes and plenty of different designs to mix and match. The clever cookies that they are also sell the punch, discs, covers etc so you can really mix it up whether you make your own dashboards and spreads!

photo source: Me & My Big Ideas

Refills are available but you can also find plenty of YT videos with DIY projects to fill till your heart’s content.

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photo source: archer & olive

Fountain pen lovers, paint enthusiasts, stampers, and those who truly appreciate paper quality makes this a must have feature when it comes to choosing a planner.

photo source: archer & olive

At A&O they’ve really thought about this particular element which then allows for a wider range of media elements to be used in these planners.

photo source: archer & olive

160gsm paper is the thickest I’ve ever seen for a planner. This means there is a lot of give for using various media and it not only won’t bleed through the page, but it won’t even show through.

The hand stitched signatures for this planner makes it lay completely flat.

These planners are undated which is brilliant so it will never go out of date. You can purchase this any time of the year and use the monthly and weekly spreads when needed. It’s actually pretty common that you won’t use your planner spreads fully all the time and that’s totally fine. With undated or perpetual planners you can go hard out to plan ahead, and shelve it until your next major project / event.

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photo source: leuchtturm 1917

A bullet journaler’s firm favourite and a cult classic in its own right, this hardback dotted notebook has grown in popularity over the years.

photo source: leuchtturm 1917

You can find so many videos out there where people share their spreads for planning, tracking, and collections they keep.

Bullet journalers who use a system of keys, simple or complicated layouts, with or without numerous creative disciplines will appreciate the high quality of paper to make their spreads and the Leuchtturm 1917 doesn’t disappoint.

photo source: leuchtturm 1917

Though the Leuchtturm 1917 isn’t fit to weather extreme saturation of high quality inks and the like, it holds it’s own and hardly anyone minds the ghosting if it means they get to use their favourite pens and watercolours.

With 251 numbered and dotted pages, it’s 80gsm paper weight means it packs more of a chunk.

Index pages at the beginning of the book makes it easy to reference content quickly.

Bullet journaling is by far the most arduous of planning methods and not for everyone. But those who enjoy designing their own spreads and planning their lives with it get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of this method.

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photo source: jet pens

My champion and choice for 2019 – the Hobonichi Techo Cousin! After coveting this for a couple of years I finally decided to make 2019 a year in which I record my plans and experiences (in brief to later reference and journal/scrapbook about) with the HO-BO.

photo source: the journal shop

Simply beautiful. I wanted this planner because it holds monthly, weekly, and daily pages all in one book.

photo source: the journal shop

This is only made possible because they use the gorgeous Tomoe River paper, a super thin type of paper yet extremely durable. TR paper won’t absorb ink or watercolour so extra drying time is needed for more creative planning.

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photo source: diy fish

An original method coined by the DIY Fishies make this the ultimate pit stop for those who would like make their own planners.

They’ve done all the hard work to design the printables and once you’ve purchased you can download and print off as many as you want and need.

They’re designed for many different planner formats, interests, and planning needs. You’ll find anything you’re looking for here and the great thing is you don’t have to wait or pay a pretty penny for shipping.

With options to purchase a trial version you can’t go wrong. DIY Fish also has excellent customer service feedback so if you’re not sure before making a purchase, do reach out to them.

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photo source: busy days planner


Last week when visiting a friend I spied her new planner and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a BDP! Never heard of them before but had the chance to leaf through this planner, I was giddy with delight!

The BDP has horizontal layout for weekly planning, plenty of space and simple prompts to get you excited to set goals and reflect on achievements.

photo source: busy days planner

Their themes and designs throughout the pages makes it easy to enjoy colour and style with no effort. Of course, feel free to add your own embellishments if you wish.

So pleased to find that the makers of the BDP are UK based! Making this an affordable purchase for sure.

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Ultimately the best planner is one you use the heck out of. Style and aesthetics can be very appealing indeed; but you’ve got to look past that and see what your needs are, so the tools you buy are helpful.

So there you have it! My top 10 for the new year. Do you have a favourite? Which planner are you using for 2019? Talk to me in the comments! 

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