Hello friend,

Thank you so much for visiting us around these parts! Hosting you at our HQ is a pleasure and we hope that you’re enjoying your experience of mooching around on our website.

Today I want to celebrate YOU. Our Stori Dorians who have been with us from the start and supported us as each new collection was born and retired has meant the world to us.

Your support has allowed us to keep going and keep making these journals and sharing them with the world and it’s now time we share with you how we are going to honour that moving forward.

If you own a Tiny, Tall, Short, Epic, A6, or A5, you are part of our core group of Stori Dorians and that means you’re now entitled to exclusive freebies.

Your Stori Dori is your passport 

To attend any of our private online live sessions from this day onward! All you need to do is send us a DM HERE with a pic of your Stori Dori and we’ll add you back. Updates of when we’re going live and how you can access it on the day will be shared there.

As time unfolds we’ll be adding more and more exclusive content for you and will be in touch to deliver them to you.

Awesome Adoris community is growing! 

Receiving your messages over the last couple of months of how you’re journaling is a highlight to our day.

Our goal is to serve our community with heart and reflect back the kindness and joy that we feel are simply the gifts that keep on giving. Without you none of what we do would make sense so THANK YOU with all our hearts.

Until we journal together again, 


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