About Us

There were many times growing up where expressing myself was considered a wrongdoing. I learned to contort and bend myself out of shape and live in disguise which led me to many more painful experiences.

You see, we’re not meant for living out of touch with who we are. Life is hard enough as it is and many things that happened to us were beyond our control.

Some of us go on living like the walking wounded. Wanting to be better but never quite getting there. Never quite trusting and believing we could be better.

These are tragedies I see all the time; when women have been treated so harshly and cruelly, they end up turning this on themselves and carrying on like nothing has happened.

And I’ve wondered… what would happen if these women could hold space to understand themselves? To reconnect with creativity and explore their inner world?

What might they go on to become when they are committed to loving themselves, no matter what?

Life becomes quite something else, something to behold and cherish with joy when you’re interested in going on a journey of discovery.

Hi, my name is Nilly, and I help women explore their inner world through journaling about their stories with curiosity and playfulness, so they may live in harmony with who they truly are.

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