Fondly cocking my head to the side, I shut my smiling eyes, and let that Ramadan spirit fill me with all the warm fuzzies. And then I wake up and it’s the first day of fasting; barely making it to suhoor and living on nothing but a prayer throughout the day, until the sun kisses the horizon one last time.

In the lead up for this awesome month there’s mixed feelings all around. Some find joy in getting Ramadan ready and others may be struggling with anxiety for the month of fasting. There are also those who may have lost a loved one since the last one and somehow they’ve got to find the energy to carry on.

 Yet this is the time of year we’re meant to come as we are, participate in doing our best, and leave it stronger and better than we were before entering this mammoth month of mercy.


Each year I feel unprepared. Each year I have all these hopes that swiftly turn into nopes and it hurts a little that I didn’t take the time when I had the time to set up for the month ahead. To come in soft and exposed and let the healing wash over me. Allah knows how much I need that.

 But what I really mean is I want to keep having wonderful associations and experiences with Ramadan and each year I want to push myself to experience a better one than the last.


It’s not a tall order.

It’s not a lot to ask for.

To purge all the crap that’s been tagging along throughout the year, it’s a relief to take a good look at letting go and making space for new and needed growth.

This year I want to purge all the unnecessaries before that new Ramadan moon is sighted.

This year I’m running at Ramadan with arms and heart wide open.

I want all the feel-good-moments that Instagram could never live up to.

I want the inside jokes, tears, counting of blessings, loving moments with Allah, in the darkest hour of the night. I SO NEED THIS. 

 This year I’m starting a new personal Ramadan Tradition, In Shaa Allah. Rather than make it a big announcement thing, how about I show you? How about we share our Personal Ramadan Traditions?

  Made these snip & stick Ramadan sticker kit to get me to and through the month.

 Taking time to get Ramadan heart centred and reflecting on what I’m seeking to gain has me excited to start!


I wanna hear from my siblings in Deen who are about finding a little sanctuary for themselves this Ramadan and doing something that ticks only the right boxes for YOU.

 Whaddya say?

 Don’t leave me out here on my Jack. Let me know below if you’re up for it and ONE thing you’re looking forward to doing in Ramadan that’ll light you up In Shaa Allah.

See you on the flipside,