Reyhana Ismail | 46° 

Stori Dori’s first collaboration hit it off when Reyhana joined the team. After a long phone conversation that galvanised their friendship, work began on creating the Seeker QPPs. Relaying design specifications to Rey meant that sometimes typos are made, and 46° being one of them when 45° really would’ve done got the pair giggling over the extraness for that 1 degree. Something which has stuck, for as long as they work together their collaborations will always be dubbed as 46°.

Aziza Iqbal | Seeker Collection

Influenced by tradition and channeling the contemporary, Aziza Iqbal is an Indian visual artist and pattern specialist currently based in Doha, Qatar. She first caught Nilly’s eye on Instagram and after following her work for sometime Nilly finally plucked up the courage to ask Aziza to help her form a pattern to use to hand sew on leather – chrystalising the iconic Seeker collection.


Sisters Magazine | Ramadhan Planner

The treatment of this collaboration was simple. To create a Ramadhan Planner that will inspire and help others to make the most of this blessed month so we’ve teamed up with the wonderful team at SISTERS Magazine to bring our take of a Ramadhan Planner as companion in the lead up and throughout the month. This signature will be available to pre-order from Stori Dori and due to be shipped mid April 2017.

The Big Reconnect Sleepover | Self Love journal

Brooke Benoit approached us to create a self love journal for the next two retreats they are holding this year. The idea is to get sisters to delve into exploring what self love means to them and how to implement it in their lives. These Signatures will be given out at the retreat in Morocco and London and sold online and in the Stori Dori shop.