Honest Tea Talk – Episode 2 dropped today and I’m like WOAH!

Hold. The. Phone. Blink and breathe, girl. This is about to get DEEP.

We’ve started a new tradition at ours where Mondays hubby delays his start at work and helps me pack up whatever load I feel like taking to my mum’s. He drops us off and leaves. I then walk into my mum’s flat like I still live there. Can’t peel off layers quick enough, claiming my space at the dining table by unpacking my stuff (READ: SDs, pretty pencil case, and planner), raiding her fridge, and making myself a brew of Earl.

Mate, I can’t even tell you. Bliss. And the best bit is I get to shove my kids into their Nene’s arms TOTALLY GUILT FREE that I’m about to sit down and get work done!

Mondays are also the day that new episodes from the ladies at Honest Tea Talk drop – a video series you can watch on YT AND FB. This positively catalysed initiative is sending ripples throughout communities on the web and it’s picking up momentum as we speak!

photo cred: honest tea talk
from left to right: Aliyah, LaYinka, Sumayah

Founded by Aliyah, LaYinka, and Sumayah, three Muslimahs who are taking the Ummah by storm by having much needed discussions in the public sphere on issues Muslim women are facing today. Their refreshingly approachable, candid spirit is palpable and I can’t speak for you but 20min episodes are NOT ENOUGH and I’m left wanting more.

So last week it didn’t even occur to me to start blogging about this. Granted, I was nursing a massive smack of the cold and barely holding it together. But this week I was seeking that episode the first I chance I got… After my first sip of tea. 😉

This week the topic of ‘Surviving Depression’ has been broken up into two episodes; part 1 aired today and part 2 is coming next week In Shaa Allah. They pulled no punches in getting right into it and speaking from their own experiences. It made me reflect on my own.

Depression and I go WAAAAAY back. Now I’m 35 I can look back and weigh some of my experiences up a lot more fairly. It is fair to say I needed help much earlier than I got it. It is fair to say without context and guidance I made a lot of precarious decisions based on my own feelings. It is fair to say the impact of those decisions shook me and my family to our core. It is fair to say that depression is no laughing matter but finding lightness in moments provided much needed relief at times.

I could go on forever about this but that’s not the point. What I really want to say is that I believe we all have visits with depression because without it how would we know the depths we can sink to? How would I have learnt so much more about myself, about boundaries, and recognise truths that would go on to set me free and allow me to thrive?

I believe depression causes the human experience of seeking and assessing what is and isn’t real. If we linger too long in the unreal, the fake, the facades we create and invite into our lives because of ‘shoulds’ then it will impact us greatly. It can rob us of our vitality, our energy to be positively productive and diminish our capacity to grasp the reality of the situation.

We may not know this but everything we process, from food, thoughts, and feelings has an acute impact on our biochemistry. Yes, medication is needed to bring about balance in some instances but reliance on medication alone is not sufficient. Our bodies grow immune to the therapeutic effects and if we’re aware that it’s not working anymore we can make some pretty unfair decisions that we are unhelpable.

Medication can work but it must be understood that for a short period, a grace period, to boost the body’s natural responses can be what you need to kickstart your healing. So making choices that aid healing will amplify the benefits of medication, and you will find you can wean off anti-depressants and overcome the stronghold depression has on your life the more active you are to observe, learn, and implement healing practices.

Make no mistake, you MUST NOT DO THIS ALONE. Having people you can trust, from your GP to a friend or family member in your corner will help you in your recovery.

More than anything I’m grateful that I’m seeing sisters from my town, my generation, my life, discussing depression in a personal and nuanced way. No doubt many people will find their signs to seek help and to reach out to begin their healing, May Allah SWT make it so – Aameen!
Those who are healing will find solidarity. And those who have healed from their depression will empathise with the beautiful trio that make up the HTT Dream Team.

Awesome sisters! May we know them, may we learn from them, may we be them.

We salute you! Can’t wait for the next episode!

With lots of love and tea,



Episode 1 – Keeping It Real

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lojJhxb_z98″]


Episode 2 – Surviving Depression Part 1

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xslUqadvMBQ&t=1s”]