Hey Friend,

The year is quickly drawing to a close and it’s right about this time that people start remembering that you ought to get your shizz together and make a list of resolutions.

Exciting for some and mind numbing for others; though fear not, we got you.

 In this series of posts we’re going to uncover planning your life with purpose so you can live in harmony with what is meaningful to you.


Whether 2019 year was your year of awesome or not, we tend to feel the need to do better in some shape or form. Trying to navigate through that can seem daunting; however these steps will help you:

  • gain clarity & confidence
  • let go of what’s not working for you to make space for more of what you want
  • feel great about creating a new road map for 2020 and beyond.


 How many times do you start something and slowly procrastinate to a standstill? Yup, me too. It literally begs the furious use of the eye rolling emoji amirite! Thing is, if you don’t know where you’re at in your life and how happy you are to be there it’ll literally follow you into everything new you wanna do.

*high 5* if you know what I’m talking about.

We all know this leads to perpetuating the same old feelings of frustration and doubt that ends up killing your motivation and drive. Self sabotage ain’t your friend.



Take a moment with no distractions. You really don’t need your phone for this one. Put it away (after reading this) and find a cosy spot with your journal and start writing what bothers you about where you are in your life right now. 

Note the areas that are most important to you or even particular situations and say whatever you want to say about that.

This is a cathartic process of purging those unsaid thoughts and feelings that you’ve been harbouring for so long. You want this to be a rapid transfer of thoughts/feelings  onto a page.

Some questions that may help you move things along:

  • How would you sum up your life right now?
  • What’s bothering you about where you’re at in your life?
  • How is this having an impact on living what you want more of?

Once you’re in the flow of purging your unwanted thoughts and feelings you’ll find yourself asking and answering more meaningful questions. Just keep going until you feel done.



We’re so distracted with a million and one things that are fighting for our attention that the solution is really quite simple: Slow down, be present, and think. 

The act of writing is an intentional process that engages exactly the aforementioned to happen. 

Thinking things through is one thing but writing what you’re thinking about and seeing it with your own eyes, in your own handwriting, literally gets you to focus on yourself in a way nothing else will.

Stay tuned for part 2 on planning with purpose so you can live with harmony with what is meaningful to you.

Be awesome,