We’re proud to straddle numerous cultural heritages that imbue our collective values of grace, gratitude, and growth.

Identity is a core foundation to our sense of wellbeing and thriving while living a life full of vitality. A place to call our own and the stability that offers is a precious thing to behold.

This is a Stori about Heritage


Heritage lives in our cultural etiquettes, expressions, and everything we come to value and enjoy. Discovering the deeper folds and layers to this is part of personal realisation.

We first became inspired by the pursuit to learn more about our heritage in 2016 when we launched the Seeker collection. Having found an amazing Islamic Geometric artist, Aziza Iqbal, we reached out to her to create a pattern for us that we can use on our leather honing two disciplines – leather craft and sewing.

  • Pattern design hand made in Morocco in the 13th Century
  • Hand drawn by Aziza Iqbal
  • Hand stitched by Nilly

With this collection we want to explore many forms of art and the impact it has had on heritages through the passage of time.

Each piece will be one of a kind and added periodically to our shop, waiting to find a home with you.