We couldn’t think of a more quintessential British brand that made our hearts sing more than Liberty London. Renowned for its bohemian elegance & charm, we set out to produce an accessories collection for our Stori Dori journals.

Much like those business men who wear funky coloured or patterned socks and get a kick out of doing so, these Liberty pockets serve as an adornment for your Stori Dori as a versatile sidekick.

  • Available in an assortment of colours & patterns
  • Made from 100% Cotton Tana Lawn by Liberty Fabrics
  • Fits perfectly within any A5 / Epic size Stori Dori
  • Can also be used as a book cover / dust sleeve for standard size paperbacks
  • Handmade in London

This is a Stori about Liberty

A fabric collection was always part of our vision for Stori Dori. Something that is easy to use on a daily basis and can also act as an add on for our journals.

Liberty London fabrics are known for their classic and whimsical patterns. With a huge range to choose from it wasn’t long before we answered the call to visit this iconic place in the heart of London.

We’re inspired by the deeper meanings of liberty and how it inspires us to play with wild abandon. This is how we’ve come to recognise our creativity and use it on a daily basis personally and to grow our business.  

There isn’t a single struggle faced throughout history and even more so in our present day that isn’t linked to the abuse and misuse of liberty. Our global community is in crisis and in need of understanding and acting with compassion to rebalance the impact of liberty.

Our Liberty collection is an ode to being more compassionate and understanding to create more harmony in the world. It all begins within.