First we brought you Adventure, then came Seeker, and finally we set off with Traveller.

Each collection tells the Stori of an era through exploring life as we know it and sharing it with the world.

This is a Stori about Wonder

Journaling became the means that I would rediscover myself and all that meant.

Daily life was my learning ground and my journal – my place of retreat, was where I processed and extracted the gems that would serve as my greatest teachers.

I wanted to create a collection that would inspire the calling we all have in our lives – to live as our best selves.

Wonder became the way to discover all that had to offer.

This dreamy leather caught my eye and when it was rolled out in front of me it was love at first touch. The gorgeous full grain leather from Tuscany ignited my imagination with its suppleness, striking natural markings, and textured feel. And that amazing aroma of leather… Sublime. I knew we had our new leather for the Wonder collection.


  • Comes in A5 & A6
  • Leather that hugs and moulds around the contents
  • Filled with a variety of notebooks
  • Shows its history with pride
  • Different personalising options
  • Can be accessorised with pockets

The Means To An End

Owning a Stori Dori that grows with you and your purpose is a special thing. The dynamic properties in a leather journal is its versatility, robustness, and minimalism.

Something for you to use and cherish until you’re ready to pass it on, though we won’t blame you if that’s unlikely.

You can fill it up as you wish and take it wherever you go. But most of all, you can cultivate that personal creative space that’s peaceful and accepting.

Somewhere you may want:

  • To retreat and document your best day
  • To hold space for you on you worst day where you can process
  • To get clear about who you are and what you stand for
  • To get to know yourself, understand others, and really value your life
  • To hear your innermost needs and desires, giving them space to breathe
  • To declutter your mind.
  • Your vulnerability to come out and play
  • To heal and thrive again, and again
  •  You can pause and reflect on the Wonder that you are

 This is our side of the Stori. What will yours be?