“Where did you come from and where are you going?” This question has my heart sighing in so many ways. Ah, if I could pour it all out the days wouldn’t be enough.

And that’s the point: you are always becoming.

This means you’re not done. Not even close. Everything you’ve been through proves you made it this far. But did you really come this far, to just come this far?

So here’s my take on 3 reasons why I truly believe that journaling is for you…





We’re thinking ALL the time. In your thoughts you can go around the world and back again before a millisecond happens. Faster than you can comprehend! 

Your thoughts are the breeding ground for your reality. Everything you’ve processed through your physical senses has left an indelible mark on the enigmatic workings of your mind. We’re blessed to live in a time where we’re learning so much more about what our minds can do. But it’s no requirement to have this knowledge to know and feel how our minds impact us.

There’s so much more we consume passively these days. The accumulation of information, whether good or bad, right or wrong, beneficial or superfluous, we’re always switched on. As Marisa Peer said: “The mind is always listening”.

So what can we do now that we know this? 

Purge. When you open your journal no matter what you’re thinking, start writing. Allow your hand to move and motion words on to the page. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to happen.

The point of this exercise is to get comfortable with allowing your mind to slow down to the writing speed of your handwriting.

When this happens a thought or memory of significance may become apparent to you and that’s when you’ll know there’s something more to explore here. That’s how it’ll make sense.



This is no secret but can be a massive revelation to some. It doesn’t just go for writing, even thinking works in this way, you just may not know it like that.

The power of thoughts is beyond INCREDIBLE. When you’re careless about the way you think and what you focus on in your thoughts, you never really feel at peace  and purposeful in life.

To be mindful of your thoughts leads to harnessing the power it generates and the impact it has on your physical, spiritual, and emotional states.

You can create a new reality for yourself, one that really aligns with your beliefs and values. And the beauty in all of this is that your mind will do ANYTHING to make you get what you focus on.

So, how does journaling help with this? You can offload, go to town and rant to your heart’s content. This is what creates SPACE within.

And within this space the next step is asking yourself this….


I know, you’re probably going to resist writing down what comes up first and organically, but trust me on this, let it happen. Write it down. Give yourself a chance to acknowledge it on the pages of your journal.

You can refine and build those wants into a big and beautiful vision, adding all the trimmings. The more the better! More detail, more emotions, more clarity, until it’s fully formed and there’s nothing more to add that makes it feel right for you.

Then, step away. Go live your life. Indulge in revisiting this vision as much as you like, whenever you want! And watch how this then becomes manifest over time. 




This was a huge emotional breakthrough for me. When I understood that journaling was a manifestation of connecting with myself, this became a game changer.

Too long we spend wishing and hoping others would hear us. See us. Feel us. Have we stopped to ask if we hold this space for ourselves?

It feels amazing when others acknowledge us in ways we yearn for, yes. But what we’re really missing out on and where the treasure really is, is in connecting within to show up and be as you are.

Your journal is this safe space. It doesn’t care whether you’re right or wrong, good or bad; your journal is ready to behold whoever you are, however you show up, and whatever you want.

When you give yourself this gift to hold space and come to it as you are, there is a connection with yourself that relies on no one else but you. 

Truth is, you deserve to live a meaningful and purpose driven life. Take to your journey and bring all you are and all you’ve got. You’ll never regret finding your voice and telling your Stori.