Nilly Ilgüy – Founder and Girl Boss of Stori Dori

Likes: Craft Buffet, park hopping with her boys, and cinnamon flavour everything.

Stori Dori fave: Epic + Seeker Planner in limited edition Ocean colour.

Totally loves to geek out with Stori Dori fans and considers herself as one, Nilly pines for more creative play time and endeavours to find time for it every day. Collaborations makes her world light up and she’s always excited to try a new creative project. She oversees most of the SD work herself and cannot be without her team who make everything that much more awesome.

Reyhana Ismail – Senior Designer

Likes: Swimming, baking, and a good cup of tea.

Stori Dori fave: Epic Notte Ombra with custom made Signatures

Reyhana stepped on to the scene when Nilly needed someone to convert her ideas into a digital printable format and has been with Stori Dori ever since. A fantastic Graphic Designer based in northern England,  Rey also multi-tasks many other design work. She’s a linchpin for Stori Dori and loves the challenge of bringing fresh new designs to our Signatures.

Lewis Hillier: Leather Crafter

Likes: Webcomics, cups of tea, walks in the woods.

Stori Dori fave: Tall Regular Traveller

Stori Dori’s first patron and designer of its third collection, Lewis brings ingenuity to the craft table. As a multi talented craftsman with an advanced trade in steelwork, it was no surprise that turning his hand to leather craft sparked a new love. A true giant in supporting Nilly in anything she wants to do (within reason, of course) makes Stori Dori what it is today.