Hey Stori Dori Fam!  

I did a ‘live’ sesh earlier and wanted to share it with you here, too. Time stamps are added below for our more flighty viewers who wish to skip to the parts they’re looking for.

Alternatively I recommend sticking the kettle on for a cuppa before you sit down and watch this epic vid! 😁

I’m so excited for what’s to come!!! Working on developing as many of my ideas about moving SD forward.

👉🏽There’s going to be a lot more vids coming out and hopefully a proper unveiling of our YouTube channel this year too.

Bear with as I don’t have the best equipment and editing skills but I more than make up for it with sharing what I LOVE! 💯

Plus, I’m having so much FUN🎉 living my childhood dreams about presenting my own show HAHA!

Would really appreciate a like, comment, and share. ⭐️ Tag us so we can swing by to say hello!

Any questions feel free to reach out to us: hello at storidori dot com

Always a pleasure,

Nilly xoxo



T I M E S T A M P S :

Welcome – 00:55
Find us on FB – 01:34
Introducing Wonder Collection – 01:48
About our leather – 02:35
Handling leather – 03:10
Your Stori Dori will smell like you – 07:04
Leather colours – 09:07
My Zeytini Stori Dori – 09:20
Zeytini old & new comparison – 10:06
Personalising your Stori Dori – 13:33
‘Personalise’ disclaimer – 17:41
Logo Stori – 19:31
Adding inserts – 21:50
A5 size inserts – 24:45
A6 size Stori Dori – 24:54
Liberty Collection – 25:51
How I built up my Stori Dori – 28:48
My Stori Dori setup – 30:40
Planner flipthrough – 33:35
Ramadan Stickers – 38:36
New sticker release info – 40:00
Flipthrough Ramadan Stickers – 40:28
Heritage – Mushaf / book cover – 46:27
Outro – 51:16

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