Salaam Friendlings!

Welcome to the wonderful world of printing your own inserts! I’m Nilly and today I’ll be taking you through the steps I use to print my own inserts.

Whether you have a Stori Dori or not, these inserts/notebooks are a great way to have some fun, get organised, or simply track your personal growth. Each one was lovingly designed to help you achieve something you’ve got your heart set on.

So you’ve purchased some of our inserts and now you’re ready to crack on! For this example I’ll be using THE BIG RECONNECT – SELF LOVE JOURNAL as a visual guide for this printing process.

Back in 2017 Rey and I had the pleasure of collaborating with Brooke & Khalida (Founders of TBRS) to produce this journal. They would sell the A5 size and we would sell the Tall size, to fit our Tall Stori Doris – a leather size that is retired for now.

My first Tall Stori Dori journal sitting on our old dining table. Handmade with veg tan leather that was hand dyed. The journal is full of inserts and has a pen attached to the side.
The first Tall Stori Dori I made for myself <3


When purchasing your inserts / notebooks, make sure you have understood what size they are. Most are A5 – although if you’re reading this well into the future there will be other sizes added to the shop.

This particular journal is a TALL size – meaning it is the same height as an A5 but narrow in width. It’ll fit any Epic or Tall Stori Dori, or regular size TN, making it easy to take with you on the go as a single notebook.

Most of our printable inserts come with two PDF files – TBRS-SLJ being an exception as it has a third PDF file for the cover. This, along with the London Baby inserts are best printed ‘borderless’.



  • PDF files of your purchased printables
  • 13 (12 for the other inserts) sheets of white paper – quality of paper entirely your choice, we prefer 100gsm
  • A cutting mat or surface you don’t mind getting marked
  • Craft knife or rotary blade – Amazon is your friend.
  • Stapler or rubber band to bind

For the sake of brevity I’m going to take you through how I print at home. I use a Macbook Pro and Canon IP7250 printer. The key to remember is the settings which I use and you can find on your own devices too whether you use a Mac or PC.



Step 1 –

Download your files and locate them on your computer. Open > go to File > Print

Step 2 –

In the print dialog box select printer > Presets: Fine Printing on Plain Paper > Copies: 1 > Pages: from 1 to 1 > Paper Size: A4 Borderless > Print

Step 3 –

The direction this print is coming out is facing left here

Check the way the printing is facing when its done. Place this page back into your printer in the same direction, with printed side facing up.

printing cover side 2

Step 4 –

Repeat step 2 but this time in the Pages section select ‘from 2-2’.

Voila! Your SLJ cover is now ready!


Step 1 –

Open file that says SIDE 1 > repeat all the steps as mentioned before, EXCEPT in the pages section on the print dialog box, select or make sure All is highlighted.

Step 2 –

My printer likes to print these pages from the last page. This means that the first page will be on top when its done printing.

You will need to reoder the pages by placing the first page on another pile and the other pages, one-by-one on top of that pile.

page 1 on a new pile to the right, then placing from left pile to right pile in consecutive order

Step 3 –

Insert it back into your printer making sure it’s facing in the same direction as how it came out the printer, with the printed side facing up.

this is page 12 of side 1 on top, facing left in printer trap, printed side up ready to print side 2

Select print and follow the steps mentioned in Step 1 of this section.

Step 4 –

Once your pages have finished printing, repeat step 2, adding the cover too.

Step 5 –

Fold three pages at a time and nest together. Bind in whichever way you like. I use a saddle stapler so it makes the folded edge sit neatly as I staple it. You can google methods to use a regular stapler to staple on folded edge.

Alternatively, you can place a rubber band down the middle to hold the pages together or insert it directly into you Stori Dori.

Step 6 –

Place on a cutting mat and align the steel edge ruler to the very edge of the cover design, make sure this hand applies the most pressure and doesn’t move.

Take a sharp craft knife and starting from the stop, making sure the blade is against the ruler edge and slowly make slices in a downward motion until you have cut through all the layers.

Sac magique! You’re done!

I hope this guide was useful to your needs, let me know how you get on!

Be awesome,

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