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Ah, journaling. It’s a thing we romanticise doing but most of the time can’t quite seem to get there and use those bajilion of notebooks bought over the years.

Perhaps you’ve even dabbled a little and got a few pages in before shelving it to collect coats of dust. Journaling seems like a good idea until you’ve spent a ton and still not enjoying it to the max. I get it. And I’m here to share with you the life changing awesomeness that is journaling.

You see, we’re living by the speed of thought and there’s no let up for true rest and respite from the demands we face in life. It’s EXHAUSTING even trying to articulate that.

Isn’t it about time you had a place to go that would give you that space to just, be?

Let’s explore some ways journaling lends itself to holding space for you.

Welcome to anatomy of journaling

part 1: Processing

One of my favourite quotes of all time and one I’ve clung onto during this pandemic. We all wish we had someone (or few) to confide in and offload our burdens to sometimes and if you’re not blessed with true friendships / confidants, it can all seem so desperately lonely sometimes.

This is why I recommend journaling as a first step. Expressing yourself as you wish to be heard is so powerful! Firstly, there’s no having to edit your speech to suit the ears and temperament of your loved one. Secondly, you can go at your own pace and be as loud, obnoxious, wild, and anything in between as you WANT. Sometimes screaming into a pillow just doesn’t cut it, amirite?

I know it can seem scary and daunting all at once to ‘go there’– totally been there myself — But slowing down enough to write down innermost thoughts and feelings actually allows for deeper listening and connection. It’s just a basic human need, yearning to be heard, yet has such a profound impact even when you give it to yourself.

And I know you might be afraid to speak some truths to yourself but it really needn’t be heavy to begin with.

Journaling is the deeply personal experience of expressing yourself.

During a time where everyone is projecting their life online and open to judgements, critique, and insult, your journal can be a safe space ready to receive you as you are at any given moment.

Rarely is there such a place to turn to on a daily basis which is precisely why I’m deeply passionate about it.


I love writing where the need to begin has arisen from and what I’d like to get out of processing my life journey so far. No more than one page, and you don’t need an entirely different notebook to start, just turn over a new leaf and begin. An affirmation is a pleasant statement of the intended outcome you seek from a belief you have or action you take. It serves to get you easily centred and provide a positive spark within.

Step 2 – Ponder your observations

Speak about the observations you have about your life in the current moment. Talk about the emotions you’re experiencing, your hopes and fears. It’s ok to feel scared to express your feelings when you’re not used to doing so. Remember that your journal never judges you and only provides space for the grace you give yourself (usually interpreted as permission) to say how you feel.

Step 3 – Brace for impact

When something heavy surfaces from a past experience it’s ok to acknowledge that it needs to be heard. If you’ve been journaling long enough you’ll know it’s inevitable that some past experiences will rear up. Perhaps that moment isn’t the right time to get fully into it, making a little note of it is enough and it’s totally fine to pause going there until you feel ready.

STEP 4 – Let it flow

Be open to going with the flow. A flow state is something we all wish to tap into and struggle with the most. You’ve learned how to keep yourself wound up tightly and it serves a purpose to be sure, but it needn’t be the case when you’re journaling. Be curious to see where your journaling leads and what gems you discover along the way.

I’d love to know: what stood out for you? Will you give it a go? And if you’re already way ahead of me, let me know your take on process journaling! 


Use the #journalingforme if you feel like sharing and I’ll spotlight my favourite ones on our IG account.

Lots of love,

Nilly xoxo