This notebook and sticker kit are designed for the purpose of exploring personal stories, healing, and growth.

Not too many pages that would overwhelm you into using it forever, but enough to get you started and loving the daily discoveries you make. When looking back you’ll see how far you’ve come and all the wonderful experiences that got you there.


London Baby printables include:

  • Two printable PDFs of the insert
  • Hero page of stickers in A4
  • London Baby label & numbers 1-31
  • Banners and journaling prompts
  • Actionable headers & photo frames
  • Monthlies
  • Weeklies
  • More banners & productivity icons
  • Floral frames & more numbers


More about this notebook & stickers:

  • Iconic London scenes, buses, raindrops, ink splashes adorn the pages as a lovely backdrop
  • Layer your spreads with paper, journaling cards, washi and more
  • Use the sticker kit to create dedicated spreads for focus
  • Notebook requires 13 sheets of the paper of your choice to print
  • Print hero sheet of stickers on A4
  • Cut down blank A4 sticker sheets before printing the A5 sticker kit

This item is included in our 1:1 Journaling Sessions

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Other uses:

  • Goal / Master projects planner
  • Bullet journal
  • Habit tracker
  • Scrapbook
  • Additional notes sidekick


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