Personalise Your Stori Dori


Get your leather cover personalised with your initials, for example: A. B.

Browse and select from below for more options


  • Hand stamped with UPPERCASE letters
  • For leather only

Option 1: Name * 

Would you like to personalise with a name, favourite word, or nickname?

Option 2: Affirmation * 

Affirmations are statements that are empowering and bring about a sense of wellbeing when we ponder them. Would you like to personalise with this option?

Please add your text: * 

Character limit is strictly for the option you’ve selected. Do not take the mick. 😉

If you want to personalise more than one journal

Please state the size followed by a dash and then the personalising option method you’ve opted for. Separate them with a comma.

Example: A5 – A. B. , A6 – C. D. SMITH


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