Our most versatile and stylish Stori Dori in all its rugged beauty, The Traveller (Tall) is the perfect travel journal/wallet hybrid; to keep all your travel docs and moola together whilst in transit, and journal all those wonderful experiences on your travels.

These limited edition originals are making their final round before this collection is retired. Get it while stocks last! Please read description below for product details

Buy a Traveller and get a free compass and wooden tasbih as shown in the picture below!

Not going on Hajj? No problem. You can request to have it changed out for a notebook of dot ruled, grid ruled, dot grid, or plain. Either choose ONE colour as shown below or state RAINBOW for a mix of all.  Leave your colour preference in the note section of your order.

Image of the Signatures we offer as notebooks. Each Signature is printed and handmade at Stori Dori.

Signatures | Notebooks | From L to R: 6mm Dot Ruled, 6mm Dot Grid, Plain, 6mm Grid Ruled

ONLY INITIALS CAN BE STAMPED ON THE BACK INSIDE POCKET. Simply include the initials you want in the note section at the checkout.

In stock


A travel wallet and journal that can carry your personal items easily and discreetly.

  • Tall Traveller dimensions when open are 225mm X 265mm, approx. 8.9″ x 10.8″
  • Leather cover is handmade from Italian leather.
  • Hand dyed, rich tone variations are inevitable.
  • Hand stitched large pocket and two secretarial pockets
  • Will mark easily and wear its history with pride
  • Signatures are hand made
  • Comes with 1 x Hajj Journal and 1 x dot ruled signatures

The Traveller won’t lay flat on a flat surface due to the structure of the large pocket inside. When fully open the inside will lay flat so you can hold it in one hand and write with the other. Or you hold one side up if you prefer to journal on a flat surface.




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