During our comeback planning phase we thought long and hard about packaging. Looking at what we’ve been doing it was tempting to gussie it with luxury options. We’ve decided to keep it simple and environmentally friendly as possible.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and researching how to properly package the goods you buy from us. Our packaging is meant to be secure enough to transport the goods in the condition it leaves us and reaches your hands. We also want to be mindful of the environmental impact it leaves with what you do with it.

We use kraft wrapping paper to & bubble envelopes mainly to protect during transit and give that timeless joy of unwrapping a gift to our customers. We also use washi and a logo sticker to bind and although we’re unsure if these can be recycled, we recommend you re-use them.

Rethinking Packaging

Studies show that recycling alone isn’t enough to reverse the detrimental environmental impact we’re facing. We must endeavour to reduce the use of packaging and try to practice zero waste where we can and the tide is definitely shifting about this with more and more people practicing zero waste.

Here are our tips on how to reuse our packaging:

  • Open the bubble envelope carefully and in a way that you can easily re-seal it with tape. Use the kraft paper to cover your address and return address and utilise as a new label. When sending a package encourage the receiver to re-use the packaging too. See how far it goes!
  • Kraft paper is great for re-packaging a gift or you could cut into smaller pieces to use for shopping lists, leaving a nice note for your spouse in their jacket pocket, or in your kid’s lunch bag.
  • Add the washi to a planner or journal for a pop of colour.
  • Paper baggies can be reused to organise stickers and embellishments. You can tuck it into your journal or planner for easy carry.

We’re starting a new challenge #beatidyhuman

To encourage ourselves and others to practice being mindful about re-using packaging. Join us and share your ways!

Have your say in the comments…

What are some ways you reuse packaging? Luxury packaging, yay or nay?