Journaling Services

Let’s get one thing straight… You are always becoming.

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In our 1:1 journaling sessions we’ll explore:

  • Any blocks you have about expressing yourself
  • What creativity means and how to use it
  • A priming exercise to get you journaling easily
  • Guided journaling practice to help you focus on a key area you want to improve in your life

You will learn about:

  • Your unique modalities of creativity
  • Holding space for yourself when journaling about difficult experiences
  • Memory keeping for moments that you cherish
  • Communicating with your best self
  • Journaling as a trusty life long companion



Your Mentor

Nilly Ilgüy – Happily married Muslim woman, unschooling mother of two Sonshines, and explorer of personal healing.

Hi, I’m Nilly, and I’m here to serve women who are interested in taking a journey of discovery.

Every woman deserves to understand herself better than anyone else. Every woman deserves to heal from her past and use it to empower her and propel her forward in life.

I believe that when a woman is empowered and supported to understand herself the healing of her mind, body and soul can truly become an everlasting transformation.

Need more sessions?

Get in touch if you’re looking for a more long term commitment. We can design the whole experience together to fulfil the duty of answering the calling of all those big, beautiful dreams waiting for you. 

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