Stori Dori began as an adventure…

Inspired by a community of creatives using TNs, Nilly was determined to make her own one to officially mark the beginning of her self exploration journey. Sharing her idea with a dear friend she inadvertently set the ball rolling thus, Stori Dori was born and soon grew into what we fondly refer to as our Adventure collection.

Adventures can take on many forms and meanings and starting with a blank canvas of veg tan Italian leather, there was no doubt in Nilly’s mind to use traditional hand-crafted techniques to produce each Stori Dori. Wanting to keep it simple and snug meant no square centimeter was wasted, even refusing to cut corners.

Finding the ideal planner is setting the bar extremely high, there are soooo many out there it isn’t unheard of that some (ahem) may even purchase more than one throughout the course of a year. But that just ends up being a tonnage of waste. And really annoying as you begin to realise how unproductive that is. Those who commit to a planner and fall out with it at some point in the year will also know how unproductive that is. But what if you could try a planner for a while? If you don’t like it, no biggie. Or if you need an add on to the one you’re currently using because you’ve got a few extremely hectic months up ahead… What then? Well, we think we’ve figured something out.

The Seeker collection’s journey began with two collaborations. First, the actual layout of planner pages. And secondly, the leather covers.

Designing a planner layout that could do it all was soon left to the wayside when realisation kicked in that you can’t do it all, or please everyone for that matter. Being intentional and purpose orientated was the driving force of creating the Seeker Quarterly Perpetual Planner (I know, a mouthful, thank God for acronyms). This was also the start of an awesome friendship and ongoing collaboration with Reyhana Ismail who handles all digital design things at Stori Dori.
Minimal prompting in well crafted planner spaces feels like the best combination to get you going without overwhelming you to keep up. As each Seeker QPP gives you 3 months’ planner space, you can really zero in on your priorities, goals, actionables and schedule. With some time set aside weekly or daily to interact with your Seeker QPP could make the world of difference and bring your closer to where you want to be. And the best part… you can start using it any time of the year.
Taking inspiration from the Islamic art world and having found our visual artist and pattern specialist — the finest, Aziza Iqbal — meant that Stori Dori’s first leather design collaboration was born. Exploring new techniques by hand stitching thin leather pockets was our way of incorporating the artistic beauty of hand made 13th-century Moroccan Islamic geometric patterns with Stori Dori.
Islamic geometric art has a fascinating way of inspiring us to relate to the patterns in our own lives, the tangents we pursue while also interconnecting with others, taking new turns and creating new pathways. Much like our lives and how we relate to one another. Perhaps even inspiring new patterns… so what will you be a Seeker of?




Our resident Leather Crafter Lewis, aka Nilly’s husband, came up with the idea for Stori Dori’s third collection and just in time for Hajj 2016 / 1437. It came with a custom-made Hajj dua book with hand-drawn illustrations by Emma Apple, a small token gift to Hajjis that year.

Inspired by the hadith of our beloved (PBUH) we wanted to create a travel wallet/journal that would inspire reflections and gratitude whilst travelling. It was designed as a traveller’s companion in hand so that you could also carry personal items easily and discreetly.

A signature colour of Rosewood was chosen to make this a stand out item for fellow Travellers the world over, so they may recognise one another.

Let it always be known that we are better together. Collaborations is our FAVOURITE and our growing collection of Signatures are an exciting ongoing project at Stori Dori. We want to collaborate with as many talented people as we can to bring you fresh and exciting designs and content that you can do in the privacy of your own home and if you feel like letting us and the Stori Dori tribe know, we’re only a hashtag away!



One day, when Stori Dori has its own awesome flagship store and combined atelier, there will be bookcases lined with Signatures with oodles of collaborative themes to explore, mini projects to try, craftcations to take, each with their own participants that extend beyond our walls, everyone playing nicely together! Ahhh we can’t wait!