Many times I’ve fallen down the great YouTube rabbit hole, sucked into a vortex of binge watching things that fascinate me, and finally. FIIIINALLLYYYY our channel is up and running.


There’s not much there (yet) but I’m working on planning content, finishing up the editing of ones I’ve already filmed and finally got an internet connection worthy of these efforts.

Feel free to join us with live journal with me sessions! Calendar coming soon so you can check-in whenever you want.

This is exciting!! I’ve been wanting to sort out our YT for years but always felt too intimidated by it all. So much to learn and not much time I can dedicate to learning it like a pro. So I’m coming at it as just me and whatever I can do.

With that being said I’m looking forward to doing live creative journaling sessions there and it’ll help with post editing malarky as it’ll save automatically there once we’re done.

So all I’m seeing are wins here! Come join us there too and have a gander at a few of our vids we currently have.

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LOL always wanted to say that.

Your wannabe-YouTuber pal,

Nilly xoxo