It’s that time of year again when all major and mini stationery establishments are gearing up for the storming 2019 diary/planner sales. An annual event that no professional, student, and general stationery lover can resist. And by God, it’s going to be coming at you from everywhere. From pound shops to department stores and everything in between, these days even your favourite fashion brands now carry a stationery line. I remember being a child and mesmerised by adults pulling their diary out and turning the pages to quickly scribble something in. What must they have to write so quickly about? Secrets. It must be secrets, I thought. Fast-forward and these days everyone has some sort  of diary or planner, and some… Come closer… *looks around and leans in to whisper* have MULTIPLE ones. So I thought about it, and I’m already buzzing with excitement to talk about planners.  I don’t often get to geek out about this so bear with me because I honestly believe I have cracked the code to finding you the ideal planner. Ohhh ho ho, I know this is a tall order. You’re probably even side eyeing me right now but I’m telling you, it’s easy as lemon squeeze. In this guide I’ll help break down all the different types of planners out there, what they’re good for, and how to choose the type that would suit your needs so you can ultimately achieve planner peace.


For gazillions of years stationers have been making notebooks and accessories for the creative in a wide variety of fields. In the UK we know them as diaries and though they are just that it’s probably more accurate to call them planners. Diaries keep your dates handy whereas ‘planner’ is a doing word, how you plan in yours will help you keep track of all that’s important in your world. Your average smartphone has probably replaced your need to keep a time diary for appointments, however a planner can quickly become a personal assistant, it keeps your life in check if you use it properly. Different types of planners have literally exploded in the the stationery world. When once upon a time you probably did your yearly diary shop at WH SMITHS nowadays pretty much everyone and their mothers are making them in so many layouts and designs. In the last few years alone I’ve seen supermarkets up their game considerably to manufacture their own line of planners that come in so many pretty styles and sizes. Department store giants such as TK MAXX import a tonne of international best sellers too. We are literally spoilt for choice. So let me help you out a little to make the right decision. BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND What do you want? What’s the thing *hand gestures* that you REALLY want to achieve in life that a planner can help with? Draw me a picture here, even just a mental one. It’ll help you narrow down the process of finding the right type of planner for you. Once you have a fair idea about that…. NOW we can really get to work. I’m dispatching my planner elves as we think.


Usually has 6 rings, refillable pages, an accompanying accessories line so everything fits in the size you want. Most ring bound planners come in A5, Personal, and Pocket sizes. What it’s good for: Securely holds your pages, organising dividers provided to divvy up pages, and customisable for your needs. Already defined layouts so it takes the work out of you having to decide how to use it, unless if you want to rebel and decorate. Traditionally this planner was for the professional and corporate kind but over the last few years a huge boom in customising them in a plethora of ways.


Think Moleskine, The Bullet Journal, Hobonichi, or a Leuchtturm 1927. These ones tend to have better paper quality in their pages. With clean designs and will lay flat when open. Offered in various sizes and covers. What it’s good for: Those who value paper quality the most in their planners probably do so because they want to use a range of different pens and other art mediums in their planning. Of course, totally unnecessary to have a beautiful ink pen if you’re a heathen that will scribble with a biro on the beautiful tomoe river or rhodia sheets.


Now these have taken off stratospherically over the last few years, I danced around the idea of owning one for ages. Coil bound planners come in a range of different sizes and styles and what makes them stand out is their bulk of pages. More than you can fit in a bookbound or ring bound usually, though there are some exceptions like the PASSION PLANNER. The pages aren’t removable so you’re stuck with whatever you get. The great thing about them though is that they come in different layouts, prompts, and designs. You’re spoilt for choice here and it makes it fun to peruse the digital isles dreaming up ways these planners will serve you.
Disc bound planners take the cake though. You can easily remove pages and refill them again. I personally use one for home-ed planning, and once it’s done with 2019, I’ll be re purposing it as a scrapbook.


Now this has GOT to be my fave genre of planners. There’s so much choice, so many producers of them and you can literally find someone making them in your neck of the woods. Paper quality can range from your usual to exquisite. All depending on your customisable needs. You can find ones that are dated, undated, or for a particular life category you’re focusing on for a month or so stretch. There are even digital versions to purchase and print at home Click on pics below to go: DIY FISH WENDAFUL Those who make these planners usually have a massive range of options to choose from and will cater to pretty much all needs. Etsy is your BFF for this. In part two I’ll be showing you my personal favourites for what I think are the BEST PLANNERS for 2019. SIGN UP HERE TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN MORE POSTS GO LIVE. If you’d like help with choosing the right planner for you, leave a comment below telling me what you need / want and what your deal breakers are. I’ll then reply with links for what I think will suit you! Thanks for reading, see you on the next post!